Wednesday, May 4, 2011

My Senior Project

For my senior project I had a dance presentation along with three other seniors. The experience can pretty much be described in one word, STRESSFUL. I think overall the hardest part was preparing for it because i had pick songs for it and then choreograph the dances, find people who would be willing to dance in them, find time to rehearse with them, cut the music or find someone to do it and then figure out what their costumes would be. Overall i personally think that it turned out pretty good because we had a good turn out of people, the dances went smoothly and everyone enjoyed it.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Prank War!!!!

So as you know Jenny and I are kinda crazy and random so i decided to show and then talk about when  Jenny and I started a prank war with her little brother. This prank war started because he decided to put a whole bunch of candy wrappers all over her room. So to get our revenge we decided to take some womanly supplies and put ketchup all over them and then stick them all over his door and then put some unopened ones all over his room. It was especially funny when he got home and saw his door and didn't even wanna open the door because he actually thought they were used and so he didn't wanna get even close to them. It was a hilarious prank and i will never forget it!!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Spring Break!!!

View from our beach house in Lincoln city
This spring break i did so much! I went to Oregon for a week and did so many things there. We were staying in Lincoln City, Oregon and we got to stay in an AMAZING beach house that had big screen TV's, a hot tub and stair s that went right down to the beautiful Oregon Coast. We got to all the major places in Oregon like: Newport, Devil's Punch Bowl, a well known waterfall. We also got to go to Moe's which is a major restaurant and then we also went to the Roadhouse 101 which had the biggest burgers you will ever see! I really had wished it didn't have to end and that i didn't have to come back to Idaho because it's just so gorgeous in Oregon and it's just amazing to see all the beautiful things that were created. Other than going to Oregon i didn't do much but i wish i could've just stayed in Oregon! 

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Cookie monster no more#3

    So all of us know and love cookie monster on sesame street. But now being as half of the american population is overweight they have kept his same name but instead of him eating cookies they have made him start eating fruits. Which is absolutely ridiculous because we are not actually overweight. It's the fact that parents are letting the kids eat whatever they want and when it comes to giving them healthy food they just ignore the fact that their kids are becoming more and more of shape.
 I personally think that this is so stupid on the parents part because they don't realize how unhealthy their own children are and if they keep letting them just eat worse and worse and if they eating like they are now then they'll end up dying at an even younger age.
     So all in all i think that they should learn to give their children healthy food so that they don't  become even more obese and so they can live a much longer and healty life.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

BFFL(best friends for life) #2

After being best friends for almost 6 years you really get to know a person. When Jenny and i are together we are probably the two most crazy people you will ever meet, mostly because we are the most random girls and when it comes to awkward moments we embrace those moments. And the reason for that is because we ultimately don't care what other people think of us.
      One of the most crazy adventures we've had together was when we went yurting. What exactly is yurting? Well in a sense it's like camping but more intense. You hike through the woods to a little cabin or tipi, and then you basically have the bare minimums while you stay there. So that means no lights, bathrooms, sinks. NONE! But there is a fireplace so you can make some amazing beef stew.
      When Jenny and i first went yurting we had no idea what we were getting ourselves into because we didn't know what yurting even was? So when we got to when we were gonna start hiking through the woods we got a little nervous for what was gonna happen, and then when we got the the cabin where there was absolutely nothing which we weren't expecting. And then the fun times started! There was about ten people total so it was bound to get really crazy and interesting. When we all decided to play capture the flag in the dark we were pretty pumped because it was boys against girls which is always a blast. So being the sneaky girls we all were they decided to bury the flag but have a little bit of it sticking out of the ground so the boys had a little bit of a chance.
        After about half an hour Jenny and i finally go over to the boys side to look for their flag which was conveniently right at the bottom of a tree which we were hiding right behind. So after grabbing the flag we started sneaking back to our side so we could win but then i accidentally stepped in a big thing of mud in which my foot got stuck in. So being the girl she is Jenny tried helping me out of the mud, using all her strength and then it happened. She fell into the mud face first and then was covered in mud. But she stayed as quiet as she could so we didn't get caught by the guys team. So after about ten minutes i finally got my foot out and then i helped Jenny out of it and we ran like crazy to our side. And so the girls one and everyone wondered why exactly we were all muddy and that started the story telling.
            It was the best memory that Jenny and i ever had and will always remember.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

BFFL(Best Friends For Life)#1

Some people say that opposites attract and some some that they don't. In this case opposites do attract. But after almost 6 years of being each others best friends and now practically sisters you just have to believe that opposites really do attract. Now you may be wondering how two people that are so different can have the most fun with each other. Well to answer that question we don't have fun, we have ADVENTURES!! What kind of adventures you ask? Well we've done everything from going camping, yurting, hot springing, climbing onto abandoned buildings, sleeping in haunted houses. And the list just keeps going.

Jenny is one person who i can always count on to have fun with and that will make me smile no matter how i am feeling and going through. I met Jenny back in in the 7th grade when we were both little nerds and kind of in a way outcasts. A couple things you should know about Jenny is that 1-she was adopted because her mom was incapable of taking care of her and her little brother. 2- Jenny is one of the strongest girls that i know. 3- She's been through possibly everything bad known to man with her dad having cancer and now being cancer free, and her mom having breast cancer and now being cancer free and knowing all that she's still one of the happiest people ever.